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Epq ideas

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EPQ Ideas
  1. FGM
    1. How does FGM effect birth?
      1. Effects of FGM on pregnancy.
        1. Emotional effect on mother.
          1. After pregnancy effects.
            1. How do midwives deal with FGM in pregnancy.
          2. Disabilities
            1. Should women with LDD be allowed to get pregnant.
              1. physical diffculties?
                1. Types of learning difficulties.
                2. Pregnancy and disability.
                  1. How there are adaptions for birth for people who have disablities.
                  2. Challenges of limited funding for support groups for people with learn difficulties.
                    1. The need for volunteers as not enough funding for paid staff.
                      1. Lack of paid staff so not able to have as many clients as needed to increase funding. Staff to client ratios.
                        1. Appropriate pricing that clients can afford.
                          1. Health and safety issues.
                        2. Alternative therapy.
                          1. How widely are they used in the NHS?
                            1. Do women get information about them?
                              1. Do women get offered them?
                                1. How much is offered on the NHS?
                                2. What types are there used in pregnancy?
                                  1. Acupuncture
                                    1. Alexander Technique
                                      1. Aromatherapy
                                        1. Flower remedies
                                          1. Herbal
                                            1. Homeopathy
                                              1. Osteopathy
                                                1. Reflexology
                                                  1. Shiatsu
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