Managing Misbehaviour

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Triple P strategies for managing misbehaviour

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Managing Misbehaviour
  1. Clear Ground Rules
    1. Small number of rules
      1. Should be fair
        1. Easy to follow
          1. Followed up with consequences
            1. Stated positively
            2. Directed Discussion
              1. 1. Get child's attention
                1. 2. State the problem briefly and calmly
                  1. 3. Say why it is a problem
                    1. 4. Describe what they should do
                      1. 5. Let your child practise what they should do
                        1. 6. Praise
                        2. Planned Ignoring
                          1. For minor problem behaviours
                            1. Don't look at or talk to your child
                              1. Stay calm
                                1. Stop ignoring if the behaviour stops or changes to a more serious behaviour problem
                                2. Clear Calm Instructions
                                  1. 1. Get close and gain child's attention
                                    1. 2. Tell your child what to do
                                      1. 3. Give your child time to cooperate
                                        1. 4. Praise cooperation
                                          1. 5. Repeat once if a `Start Instruction`
                                            1. 6. Back up your instruction with consequences if instruction not followed
                                            2. Logical Consequences
                                              1. 1. Take away the activity
                                                1. 2. Short period of time, tell them how long
                                                  1. 3. Return the activity
                                                    1. 4. Use another consequence if necessary
                                                    2. Quiet Time
                                                      1. Edge of the activity, same room
                                                        1. Up to 5 minutes
                                                          1. Tell them why they are going to Quiet Time, and for how long
                                                            1. When Quiet Time is finished, find them something to do, and praise them if they play nicely
                                                              1. If Quiet Time doesn't work, use Time Out
                                                              2. Time Out
                                                                1. Use a quiet, safe and uninteresting place
                                                                  1. Tell them why they are going to Time Out and for how long
                                                                    1. Up to 5 minutes from when they are quiet
                                                                      1. Ignore misbehaviours in Time Out
                                                                        1. Persist and stay calm
                                                                          1. If Time Out is not working after 2 weeks, be prepared to seek medical help
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