How to manage work within a team

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Managing work within a team

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How to manage work within a team
1 Setting targets
1.1 SMART Targets - Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.
1.2 Team Factors: Experience, skills, previous achievements, aspirations, developmental needs and workload
1.3 Business Factors: Business objectives, priorities, resources- physical, human, budgetary
1.4 Performance measurements for individuals/teams to show their contribution of work to the organisation
1.4.1 Quality, quantity, meeting deadlines and expectations
1.5 Learning- individual/ team development needs to meet overall performance targets
2 Techniques to monitor the flow of work in a team
2.1 Project management techniques
2.1.1 Set team/individual performance/learning objectives
2.1.2 Monitor deadlines, work and project milestones
2.1.3 Progress reporting
2.1.4 Gannt charts to monitor project schedules
2.1.5 key performance indicators
2.1.6 Benchmarking against successful teams or projects
2.1.7 setting and monitoring milestones
2.1.8 Work measurement
3 Techniques to identify and solve problems within a team
3.1 Problems
3.1.1 Lack of cohesion , loss of team members, unmotivated team members
3.1.2 Conflict, weak leadership, authorisation leadership, poor management
3.1.3 Poor panning, too many of the Belbin role
3.1.4 Reduction in productivity
3.1.5 signs of stress
3.1.6 Missed deadlines
3.2 Identify problems
3.2.1 Observations, appraisals
3.2.2 1:1 Meetings, staff absences
3.2.3 Monitor quantity and quality of work
3.2.4 KPIs
3.3 Techniques to solve problems
3.3.1 Team briefings, 1:1 meetings
3.3.2 Team review meetings
3.3.3 Succession planning
3.3.4 Goal setting
3.3.5 rewards
3.3.6 coaching
3.3.7 team planning meetings
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