tribal society

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tribal society
  1. hunter-gatherers
    1. animal herders
      1. cattle,goat,camel
        1. sheep
          1. horse
          2. they lived on
            1. milk products
              1. animal products
              2. they exchanged
                1. wool,ghee,etc.
                  1. for
                    1. grains,clothes,salt,utensils,etc.
                2. they practiced
                  1. shifting cultivaton
                  2. they were also
                    1. craftmen,small-time peddlers,labourers,etc.
                    2. they sold
                      1. ropes,reed-straw mats,sacks,irontools
                      2. some groups were
                        1. entertainers and performers
                        2. other systems
                          1. patrillineal
                            1. patriarchal
                              1. matrilineal
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