Framework 1: Lexis & Semantics

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Framework 1: Lexis & Semantics
1 Nouns
1.1 Object name, people/place name
1.2 Proper Noun- refers to names of people or places
1.2.1 eg) London, Paris
1.3 Abstract Noun - refers to state, feelings & concepts with no physical existance
1.3.1 eg) pain, happiness
1.4 Concrete Noun- refers to objects that have a physical existance
1.4.1 eg) table, chair
2 Pronouns
2.1 Replaces a noun, can indicate gender, number etc
2.2 Personal Pronoun
2.2.1 eg) I, you, she, they
2.3 Possessive
2.3.1 eg) my, his, our, their
2.4 Reflexive
2.4.1 eg) myself, himself, themselves
2.5 Demonstrative
2.5.1 eg) this, these, that, those
2.6 Relative
2.6.1 eg) who, whom, which
3 Adjectives
3.1 a describing word
3.1.1 eg) enormous, large, short, untidy, old, scary
3.2 Post-modifying
3.3 Pre-modifying
4 Verbs
4.1 A word used to describe and action, state or occurance
4.2 Material Verb- describes action or events
4.2.1 eg) hit, run, eat, push, read
4.3 Rational- describes states of being
4.3.1 eg) be, appear, seem, become
4.4 Mental- describes thought or speech
4.4.1 eg) think, speak, believe, love
4.5 Dynamic- change in state over time
4.5.1 eg) paint, remove, eat
4.6 Stative- where situation remains constant
4.6.1 eg) love, hold, believe
5 Adverb- intensifier; describes the verb
5.1 eg) very, extremely, immensely
6 Determiner- clarifies a point
6.1 "I am THE doctor"
6.1.1 eg) a, is, the, his
7 Conjunction- links words, phrases and clauses
7.1 eg) and, but, or , although, because
8 Prepositional- shows relation in terms of time or place
8.1 eg) in, at, by, on, under, over
9 Lexis- words
10 Semantics- the meaning
11 Textual cohesion- describes how a text is logically ordered, to create coherent sense of meaning
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