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This is a mental map on my self study questions for visualization.

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Mental Map
    1. Why is visualization important for comprehension and what are the different forms?
      1. Readers create images in their minds that reflect or represent the ideas in the text. These images may include any of the five senses and serve to enhance understanding of the text
        1. Students who visualize as they read not only have a richer reading experience but can recall what they have read for longer periods of time.
        1. How do children develop comprehension strategies like visualization?
          1. When selecting a text for a visualizing activity, start with a piece that contains descriptive language and strong verbs and that lends itself to conjuring vivid images.
            1. Children develop these strategies with explicit instruction and practice.
            1. How do I help ELL students with comprehension strategies like visualizing?
              1. Have charts around the room that model teacher thinking.
                1. Have a sensory imaging graphic organizer available for students.
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