10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Andrea Leyden
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In honour of National Library Week (13th - 19th April 2014), this gallery Flashcard deck shows you some of the most beautiful libraries from across the globe.

Andrea Leyden
Created by Andrea Leyden over 5 years ago
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10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World mold_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Trinity College Library | Dublin, Ireland trinity_library.jpg (image/jpg)
9. Kirby Library, Lafayette College | Easton, Pennsylvania, USA kirby_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Library of Congress | Washington, D.C. lib_of_congress.jpg (image/jpg)
7. Abbey Library of St. Gall | Switzerland abbey_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
6. Seattle Public Library | Washington, USA seattle_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
5. The Joanina Library, University of Coimbra | Portugal joanina_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library | New Haven, Connecticut yale_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
3. Iowa State Capital Law Library | United States iowa_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
2. Admont Abbey Library | Austria sutria_lib.jpg (image/jpg)
1. Wiblingen Monastery Library | Germany wib_lib.jpg (image/jpg)