Drive: developing new models of inspiration

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Drive: developing new models of inspiration
  1. Part 1: A New Operating System
    1. Human Tendencies
      1. Autonomy
        1. Competence
          1. satisfaction
            1. Motivation
              1. relatedness
              2. Use Rewards and punishments to get the results desired
                1. Rewards are not 100% successful and neither are punishments
                  1. Ideally rewards enfore the desired behavior: Good behaviors :)
              3. Part 2: The Three Elements
                1. Autonomy
                  1. The desire of a student to do well naturally
                  2. Mastery
                    1. The developed learning where a skill is reinforced and solidified
                    2. Purpose
                      1. Development of desire to further education past mastery to a higher thinking and appreciation
                    3. Part 3: The Type I Toolkit
                      1. Have them develop their own wants and needs from the class "what do I want out of this class
                        1. Mastery
                          1. Practice for improvement
                            1. Repetition
                              1. Feedback
                                1. Ask for where your help is needed
                                  1. exhaustion
                                  2. You have to have your kids sold out on the idea of learning.
                                    1. Fed Ex Day
                                      1. Have your students do whatever they choose and later report to class on what they learned
                                      2. Praise!--Specific, Private, When a good enough reason
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