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Folding and Faulting


Leaving Cert Geography (Physical Geography) Mind Map on Folding and Faulting, created by Tom Cahill on 10/27/2013.
Tom Cahill
Mind Map by Tom Cahill, updated more than 1 year ago
Tom Cahill
Created by Tom Cahill almost 9 years ago

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Folding and Faulting
  1. Processes
    1. Compression
      1. Squeezed
      2. Tension
        1. Streched
        2. Shearing
          1. Bent and Broken
        3. Ridge and Valley of Munster
          1. African and Eurasian Plates ><
            1. Compression
              1. Buckled into Folds
                1. W-E Trend
                  1. Trellised Drainage Pattern
          2. Block Mountains
            1. Ox Mountains
              1. Normal Fault - Tension
                1. Rift Valleys
            2. African Rift Valley
              1. Convection Currents create Tension
                1. Land between faults fell
                  1. New boundary will form
                    1. Red Sea - Gulf of Aden
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