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My Learning Process
  1. What is the importance of visualization to students?
    1. Visualization plays an important role when helping students read and comprehend. Throughout Summer school I learned that visualization helps students to predict, helps them understand what is taking place in a text, and serves as a clue to what is taking place. We had students to draw a picture at the end of each story of an idea that they found to be important. This was an activity that helped me assess their level of comprehension as well as it helping students use visualization to summarize and comprehend.
      1. Visualization helps readers to understand what is taking place in a story. As I learned in the text, it is important for teachers to model how to properly visualize in order to benefit their students.
        1. As educators, it is important to let students express what they are reading. As I stated above, my co-teachrs and I had students draw a picture after the reading a story. Having students draw about what they read helps them to experience reading without actually reading words.
    2. How do kids finally grasp the concept of reading?
      1. Throughout my three weeks teaching summer school, I witnessed the same age students being on different reading levels. This let me know that students of the same age can and will be on different levels of reading because people go through stages at different times. Because students were on different levels, our supervising teachers broke students into groups based on their reading levels. This helped us to give students the proper scaffolding and level of help that they each needed.
        1. Reading occurs in many stages, and some students go through different stages at different ages. The stages of reading determine what students are grasping when reading, therefore students learn to read when they are developmentally ready. They build upon stages until they reach the level of full literacy.
          1. It is important that teachers know what reading level each of their students are on. With that, teachers need to scaffold and use appropriate leveled texts to help the needs of each individual student. Modeling and scaffolding appropriately will help students to move on to higher levels of reading and develop better literacy skills in order to accomplish the task of reading successfully.
      2. How do I satisfy the needs of students with learning disabilities?
        1. In the summer school setting we were fortunate enough to have a resource teacher to work with children who had learning disabilities when it related to reading. I did have a few students who had difficulty with comprehending the important ideas of the text, and I modeled how to effectively comprehend in order for them to learn.
          1. The teacher must first identify the strategies that the struggling child is using, and then help the student find a strategy that best benefits the child's learning. When a student is benefitting from a learning strategy they will feel more confident and accomplish more.
            1. The teacher needs to begin the process by first assessing the student in order to identify the child's level of competence in reading. Once the level is tar geed, the teacher is to help the child individually and scaffold and model to show the struggling student how to properly perform the task of reading.
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