Loss and Grief

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Loss and Grief
  1. Whose?
    1. EIlis
      1. Loss of a sense of Home
        1. One sided understanding of her future
          1. She always thought that she would be a wife to a man in Ireland and nothing else
          2. Lost Rose
            1. Loss of Purity: She had pre marital sex with Tony
            2. Mrs Lacey
              1. Loses her children
                1. Three to migration: Eilis, Jack, Pat and Martin
                  1. Rose dies
                2. Miss Kelly
                  1. Loses Eilis as an employee
                  2. Tony
                    1. Lost Contact with Eilis and her' presence for three weeks
                  3. How does this affect them?
                    1. Eilis' homesickness gives her the opportunity to go to College and attend a university
                      1. Mrs Lacey slowly losing all her children could be taking a toll on her emotional wellbeing
                      2. What kinds of loss?
                        1. Loss: Eilis, Jack and Mrs Lacey loses Rose
                          1. Loss: Eilis loses her innocence as she leaves Enniscorthy
                            1. Loss: Eilis starts to lose her interest and love for Tony as she spends more time with Jim
                              1. Loss of a home [homesick]
                                1. Mrs Lacey's Loss of family: Widow, mother who's lost her children to life (distance and death)
                                2. What kinds of grief?
                                  1. Eilis' grief when Rose died
                                    1. Mrs Lacey's grief when Rose died
                                    2. Are there solutions?
                                      1. The distractions that Eilis uses to not think about home
                                        1. The dances they attend aids her homesickness
                                          1. Temporary Solution for Mrs Lacey: Post Rose's death, Eilis comes back and that distracts Mrs Lacey
                                          2. Are there changes through loss and grief
                                            1. Change in lifestyle:: Mrs Lacey now has to live a life without the support of Rose and endures a life of loneliness
                                              1. Change of attitude: Eilis begins to speak her mind and come out of her shell
                                                1. With the homesickness, she becomes much more reserved than usual since she doesn't feel comfortable in her environment
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