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1 Surving in different environments
1.1 survival and ability to breed
1.1.1 Charesteristics called adaptions. E.g behaviour, function Structural Physical Colour: camouflarge Weapon: sting Apearance: Bigger, mimic Functional function of internal organs depends on immediate environment E.g chamelion Behaviour animal acts: nocturnal, still, store food Plants: narrow leaves Purpose = survival in environment no favourable characteristics die out others survive- offspring inherit- favourable common allows variation enivronmental survival difference in genes, chromosones- inheritance genetic mutation diet, avaliaibilty , habitat
1.2 Natural selection
1.2.1 process in which enviironmentcs selects favourable charesterisics reducing unfavourable
2 Theories of evolution/ beggining of life
2.1 1700 belief organisms/ chareteristics fixed
2.1.1 George Buffin: capable of change
2.1.2 Eramus darwin- change to another Charles Darwin: grandson different species- common anscestor Galapogas island- naturaul selction 14 species finches similar colour- different body naturaul beak variation birds suited- survive- offspring denounced- god first with scientific proof alfred russel wallace- same conclusion inferior killed off published paper with darwin 1958
2.2 Jean BaptisteLarmarck: 1st detailed
2.2.1 simlilarities and difference- only if species are elvoving adapated through struggle to survive organs used= stonger 'not used= weaker changes passed on no evidence- modern geneitics show aquireed characteristics cannot be inerited inheritance comes from chromosones
3 Types
3.1 Speciation: process of forming new species
3.1.1 occurs over long time
3.1.2 combination: natural selection and other eg isolation, mutation 1. geographic isolation earthqauke, group split experiencing diff circumstances 2. Natural selection over time each group will change sub species-look diff, still interbreeed 3. Reproductive isolation isolated long enough- can't interbreed because of change new species
3.1.3 Divergent new species-common ancestor finches adaptive radiation: organism adapt to new enviro
3.1.4 convergent elvove and develop similar adaption similar enviro, lifstyle
3.1.5 parallel related species - similar features while seperated look alike and common ancestry but in diff locations
4 fossil record
4.1 palaentology: study of fossils
4.1.1 preserved evi past life actual remains of organism mammoth in ice hard parts of organism shells,teeth,bones evi of presence footprints impressions hollowed casts
4.1.2 age of fossil/rocks radiosotope dating tecniques scientists developed geological time scale earth-era-periods-epochs
4.2 early life
4.2.1 gaseous methane, ammonia,hydrogen,water vapour split by sunrays gas molecules and new bonds=organic moleculles single celled, anareobic = photosethetic bacteria oxygen- ozane 1500 mill ygo= sexual reproduction 600mill yag recongnisable animals fossils found- edicara

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