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  1. The Family
    1. Nuclear
      1. Two heterosexual parents and dependent child(ren)
      2. one-parent
        1. Single parent and dependent child
        2. Same-sex
          1. Two gay or lesbian parents and dependent child(ren)
          2. Extended
            1. Nuclear family plus additional relatives living together
            2. Adoptive
              1. Any form of family with one or more adopted children
              2. Reconsituted
                1. Two parents with dependent children from previous relationships and/ or their own children
                2. Foster
                  1. Any form of family with one or more fostered children
                  2. Children in care
                    1. Special Needs
                      1. Parents unable to care for them
                        1. Parents in prison
                          1. Orphaned
                            1. Neglected or rejected
                              1. Abused
                                1. parents unwell
                              2. Planning for a family
                                1. Loving, caring family and nurturing environment
                                  1. menopause (around 50)
                                    1. As women get older quality of ova reduces, increased chance of birth defects
                                    2. Preparing for the baby
                                      1. clothes
                                        1. Layette
                                        2. Equipment
                                          1. British Standards Kitemark
                                        3. Provisions of a safe environment
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