Scam experience

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describing scam experience

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Scam experience
  1. Reasons for engagement
    1. Urgency
      1. Dissatisfaction with present circumstances
        1. Conformity
        2. Staying engaged
          1. Lack of scrutiny of available information
            1. Excitement
              1. Persuasion techniques
                1. Building relations
                  1. Exploiting scarcity
                    1. Limited time
                    2. Credibility
                      1. Professional looking material
                        1. Known bodies
                          1. Presentable scammer
                          2. Familiarity, similarity and likeability
                          3. Protection
                            1. General strategies
                              1. Specific strategies
                              2. Consequences of being scammed
                                1. Difficulties with reporting and lack of investigation
                                  1. Authorities
                                    1. Other bodies
                                    2. Remains of the scam
                                      1. Anger
                                        1. Loss of trust
                                          1. Self-blame and loss of self esteem
                                            1. Financial hardship
                                            2. Lack of resolution and restoration of justice
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