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Maths Revision- end of year test
1 Algebraic graphs
1.1 y=mx+c
1.1.1 m is gradient
1.1.2 c is y intercept
1.2 1. Make a table for x and y
1.3 2. Plot onto graph
1.4 To find equation from graph
1.4.1 1. pick 2 points on line formula(s) gradient = difference in y value / difference in x value gradient = distance up triangle / distance across triangle
1.4.2 2. Put m and c into y=mx+c
1.5 Quadratic graphs
1.5.1 Always parabolas
1.5.2 Can be written y = ax2+bx+c
1.6 Cubic and reciprocal graphs
1.6.1 y = ax^3+bx^2+cx+d
1.6.2 Where x is the bottom of the fraction
2 Real life graphs
2.1 Distance / time graphs
2.1.2 Distance on y axis
2.1.3 Gradient represents speed Horizontal = stopped Sloping up = Going away Sloping down = Coming back Steeper the line, faster the speed
2.2 Speed / time graphs
2.2.1 Time is always plotted on the x axis
2.2.2 Gradient represents acceleration Horizontal = Constant speed Sloping up = Accelerating Sloping down = Slowing down Steeper the line, quicker the acceleration
3 Representing data
3.1 Bar charts
3.2 Line graphs
3.3 Frequency polygons
3.4 Cumulative frequency graphs
3.5 Scatter diagrams

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