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ideas for my 2016 research project

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    1. How does mental illness affect basic daily tasks
      1. Mental Health and Crime
        1. Should people who are found to be criminally insane sent to prison or psychiatric hospital?
          1. Psychiatric hospitals
            1. Best ways to reduce suicidal urgues
            2. THE HUMAN BRAIN
              1. How can sporting injuries to the head affect the brain capability to function
                1. How alcohol can have a negative effect on the brain
                  1. Pro's and Cons of raising the legal age of consuming alcohol to 21
                  2. The Autistic Spectrum
                    1. What exactly is autism?
                      1. How do social interaction, communication and behaviour vary on the autism spectrum
                        1. Why can autistic children do somethings far beyond their years but cannot conduct basic tasks
                      2. FILM
                        1. Are the Oscars rigged?
                          1. Should the public have a say in who receives Oscars?
                            1. Are films becoming better or worse?
                              1. The evolution of film
                                1. Stereotypes and film
                                  1. Who is the best director; Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese?
                                    1. Discrimination in Film (race, gender, sexuality)
                                    2. PRISON LIFE
                                      1. Abuse of power by guards
                                        1. The Stanford Prison Experiment, and Milgrams Experiment
                                        2. Contraband
                                          1. Does being incarcerated increase your chances of becoming addicted to drugs?
                                          2. Are prisoner human rights being acknowledged
                                            1. Does incarceration help in the rehabilitation of inmates
                                            2. SPORT
                                              1. Should AFL be introduced in other countries
                                                1. Comparing AFL against Soccer
                                                  1. Which is a more physically demanding sport?
                                                    1. Does AFL or A-League have a bigger fan base in Australia?
                                                      1. Which is the more difficult sport to learn?
                                                      2. Why doesnt Australia have a national womens league for AFL?
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