DNA Replication

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This is based on my 'DNA Replication' mind map which can be found here: https://www.goconqr.com/en-GB/p/4973267 :)

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Question Answer
The method of DNA replication is described as being __________ semi-conservative
The nature of DNA being semi-conservative ensures what? It ensures genetic continuity between generations of cells
Describe roughly the first step in DNA replication DNA Helicase breaks the hydrogen bonds linking the two base pairs of DNA
When the bases between the nucleotide bases are broken, what happens to the DNA Helix where DNA helicase has acted? The helix unwinds in to two non-linked strands
When the two strands are exposed they are known as __________ strands Template strands
After the nucleotide chains become template strands, what happens? free complementary DNA nucleotides are attracted to exposed bases on template strands and bind to their specific base pair
After, nucleotides are joined together in what type of reaction? And by what enzyme? Condensation reaction by DNA polymerase. These form the 'missing' polynucleotide strand on each of the two original strands of DNA
DNA replication is semi-conservative. What does semi-conservative mean? Each of the daughter DNA molecules contains one strand from the original DNA. So half of the DNA has been saved and built into each of the new DNA molecules.