CPP - Module 1

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Module 1 CPP (NTP)

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CPP - Module 1
  1. CPP Overview - 3 h


    • No exam
    1. 1.4 Workbook - 9 Qs total
      1. 1.1 Benefits - WB 7 Qs
        1. Define and describe the Canada Pension Plan
          1. State the differences between the CPP Account, the CPP Investment Fund and the CPP Investment Board
            1. State the concerns around public confidence in the stability of public pensions
              1. State the types of benefits payable under CPP legislation
                1. outline the various eligibility requirements for benefits an state how changes occur
                  1. Outline the major changes to CPP since 1966
                    1. Give an overview of how the CPP is administered
                    2. Dual Contributors
                      1. Contributory Period
                        1. Record of Earning
                          1. Taxation
                            1. Drop-out Provisions
                              1. Assignments
                                1. Credit Splitting
                                  1. Standards of service
                                    1. Privacy - Protection of Client Info
                                      1. Reconsideration of Appeals
                                        1. Late application and retroactivity
                                        2. Coverage
                                        3. Actuarial Report
                                        4. Financial Accountability: CPP Account, CPP Investment Fund, CPP Investment Board
                                    2. 1.2 National Benefits - WB 1 Q
                                      1. State main functions of NIBS
                                        1. State what National Benefits are
                                          1. state the purpose of the agreements between CPP & QPP
                                            1. determine when an application and/or account should be handled by NIBS
                                              1. Dual Accounts
                                              2. state the responsibilities of NIBS
                                                1. Program Exception Processing (PEP)
                                                2. Outline the relationship btwn NIBS and other organizations
                                                  1. General Inquiries
                                                3. 1.3 International benefits - WB 1 Q
                                                  1. State the mandate and main functions of IO
                                                    1. state the purpose of international social security agreements
                                                      1. state the CPP benefits which Int. Soc. Sec. Agreements may help individuals qualify for
                                                        1. determine when an applicant may be helped to qualify for a CPP benefit by recourse to an ISSA
                                                          1. describe the organizational structure and responsibilities of IO
                                                            1. outline the relationship btwn IO and other organizations
                                                          2. 1.0 Introduction
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