P.L. Back to School Guide

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Quick guide for Program Leaders in after school

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P.L. Back to School Guide
  1. Organize Basic School Supplies
    1. Stock up cart
      1. Pencils and Paper
        1. Attendance Book
          1. Accountability Doc
        2. Crayons, Markers
          1. ereaser, sharpener
          2. Dry Markers
            1. White Boards
          3. Organize Basic Program Documents
            1. Copies
              1. Behavior Log
                1. Early Release
                  1. Incident Report Forms
                    1. Early/Late Log
                      1. Head Injury Forms
                        1. Health Refferal


                        2. Out of Classroom Log
                      2. Organize a Plan
                        1. Games
                          1. Indoor Thinking
                            1. Go to games after HW or after Lesson activity
                            2. Outdoor Physical
                            3. Project
                              1. Get To know each other and create a foundation for a sense of TEAM
                                1. Survey Project Interest
                                2. Use HSD pacing guide
                                3. Classroom and Behavior Management
                                  1. Classroom Rules and Consequences
                                    1. How do you want them to line up to enter/exit/transition?
                                      1. Where do you want them to lineup?
                                        1. Where do they lineup to wait?
                                4. Know Your Place
                                  1. Where will each activity take Place and who is the contact person?
                                    1. Classroom
                                      1. Know the Daily Agenda
                                        1. Snack
                                          1. Bring out Snack
                                            1. Put snack away
                                              1. Bring out snack
                                                1. Put snack away
                                            2. Snack Roster
                                            3. Sports Shed Monitor & Key
                                            4. Sign In/Out Expectation
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