The Holy Week

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The Holy Week
  1. The via crucis
    1. Crucis is a way to remember the Passion of Jesus and accompany him on the suffering that took way to Calvary. It is divided into 14 stations that tell the passion since Jesus is condemned to death until it is placed in the tomb.
    2. introduction
      1. it is called the path that Jesus had to go on his shoulders the cross on which was to be crucified. . His death on the cross and his grave.
      2. The Cones “or cucuruchos”, Penitents wearing purple robes and wear hoods to cover their heads and faces, walking barefoot and carrying canes
        1. Cristo del Consuelo in Guayaquil
          1. The tour of "The 7 churches" is a tradition of the city of Guayaquil at Easter. With this tour, the faithful seek to obtain the pardon of their sins by confessing them and then commune with your soul free from any kind of negative feeling
          2. Puyo
            1. Mass was performed in all churches and all night let the holy for the faithful to pray smoothly Meanwhile on Friday, one of the living Viacrucis the most realistic shows Ecuador
            2. Jesus del Gran Poder and Sacred Music "
              1. The procession of holy Friday is dedicated to Jesus del Gran Poder. It starts at 12h00 in the atrium of the Church of San Francisco, covers practically all the Historic Center and returns to the Church.
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