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What is Pragmatics?

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  1. What is pragmatics?
    1. Is the study of the aspects of meaning and other features of the context of utterance.
    2. Pragmatics involve three major communication skills:
      1. Using language
        1. for different purposes
          1. informing (e.g., I'm going to get a cookie)
            1. demanding (e.g., Give me a cookie)
          2. Changing language
            1. according to the needs of a listener or situation
              1. talking differently to a baby than to an adult
                1. Speaking differently in a classroom than on a playground
              2. Following rules
                1. for conversations and storytelling
                  1. Introducing topics of conversation
                    1. These rules may vary across cultures and within cultures.
                    2. rephrasing when misunderstood
                2. How is Pragmatics studied?
                  1. Pragmatics can be studied using various different methods, somo of them are.
                    1. Theoretical Pragmatics
                      1. The pragmatic theories, based on such hypothetical interaction, were later applied to real data.
                      2. Empirical Pragmatics
                        1. This is a relatively new method of pragmatics and involves studying actual language in use. The language data can be collected in various ways such as interview, spontaneous speech and experiments.
                        2. Experimental Pragmatics
                          1. Experimental evidence can be used, together with intuition and recordings, to confirm or disconfirm hypotheses
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