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Brown, H. D. (2004) Language Assessment: Principles and classroom practices. Longman. Chapter 1: Testing, Assessing, and teaching.

Resource summary

  1. WHAT IS A TEST?method of measuring a person's abillty knowledge, or performance in a given domain
      1. Assessment is an ongoing process in the task of marking, observing and provides to a student instruction
        1. FORMAL
          1. exercises or procedures designed to evaluate skills and performance
          2. INFORMAL
            1. Unplanned and real feedback
              1. Embedded in classrooms taks without recording results
              2. FORMATIVE
                1. Evaluate the process of forming the abilities for continuing rhe process
                  1. Imrpve language learners ability
                  2. SUMMATIVE
                    1. WHhat the students learned and did during a course
                    2. NORM-REFEREMCED TESTS
                      1. Score is related to an average score
                        1. Money and efficiency are primary concerns in this test
                        2. CRITERION-REFERENCED TEST
                          1. Give test-takers feedback
                            1. Emphasis on classroom based assessment
                        3. APPROACHES TO LANGUAGE TESTING
                          1. History
                            1. behavourism and contrastive analysis
                              1. Using specific language elements :phonological, gramatical and lexical
                              2. 1970-80: communicatibe theories and integrative view of testing
                                1. Authentic and valid tests for a better interaction
                              3. DISCRETE-POINT AND INTEGRATIVE TESTING
                                1. Discrete point test
                                  1. Based on the aasumption that language can't be broken down
                                    1. Every part can be tested succesfully
                                    2. Integrative test
                                      1. Cloze tests and dictations
                                        1. indivisible language by fourth skills
                                      2. COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE TESTING
                                        1. Correspondence between language test and use
                                          1. taks tend to be artificial, contrived and unlikely to real life expectancy
                                          2. Strategic competence:
                                            1. Ability to employ communicative strategies
                                            2. Language proficiency
                                              1. Where. when. how, with whom and why.
                                            3. PERFORMANCE-BASED ASSESSMENT
                                              1. Involves all the 4 skills of performance and interactive tasks
                                                1. Higher content validity
                                                  1. Difficulty to recignize formal and informal assessment
                                                    1. Tasks and approach real-life language use
                                                  2. CURRENT ISSUES IN CLASSROOM TESTING
                                                    1. Create communicative performance based assessment rubrics
                                                      1. NNEW VIEWS IF INTELLIGENCE
                                                        1. Perform linguistic and logically a problem
                                                          1. Spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal
                                                          2. Create and manipulate strategies as part of the intelligences
                                                            1. Avoid objectivity
                                                              1. negotiate and understand the meaning learning processes
                                                              2. COMPUTER BASED TESTING
                                                                1. Computer-adaptive test
                                                                  1. Classroom based testing
                                                                    1. self-directed testing
                                                                      1. practice of upcoming tests
                                                                    2. TRADITIONAL AND ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT
                                                                      1. CONTEXTUALIZED. COMMUNICATIVE, PERFORMANCE BASED ASSESSMENT
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