The World at the Beginning of the 20th Century

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The World at the Beginning of the 20th Century
  1. Key Terms
    1. Imperialism
      1. Nationalism
        1. Militarism
        2. Key countries/ regions
          1. Great Britian
            1. France
              1. Russia
                1. Germany
                  1. The Balkans
                    1. Austria-Hungary Empire
                      1. Ottoman Empire
                      2. Crises
                        1. Morcocco
                          1. First Morcoccoan Crisis
                            1. Second Morccoan Crisis
                            2. The Balkans
                              1. July days
                              2. Bosnia
                              3. Imperialsim
                                1. 'Scramble for Africa'
                                  1. Lead to tensions between France and Britain
                                  2. Britain had the largest emprie
                                    1. 'The sun never sets on the British Empire'
                                    2. Germany wished to gain more colonies to cement it'self as a world power
                                    3. Nationalism
                                      1. Miltarism
                                        1. Naval race between Germany and Englad
                                          1. Britain had the largest navy
                                            1. Russia had the largest army
                                              1. Escalated tensions
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