Collapse of Han Dynasty

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Collapse of Han Dynasty

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Collapse of Han Dynasty
  1. Emperor Ling die of illness at 34 years old
    1. Empress He came along and she put her son Emperor Shao as emperor
      1. He Jin is already a commander
        1. So, He Jin was Empress He's brother
          1. Thus making He Jin the uncle of Emperor Shao
            1. But since He Jin is older than than Emperor Shao, He Jin was actually the one who made all the decisions
              1. This caused the eunuchs to be angry since they did not like He Jin to make the decisions
                1. The eunuchs killed He Jin in the end
                  1. He Jin's friends took revenge and killed the eunuchs
                    1. Dong Zhuo came and killed Emperor Shao
                      1. Dong Zhuo put Emperor Xian
                        1. Then Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei ganged up to kill Dong Zhuo
                          1. Cao Cao died and Caopi, his son, took over
                            1. Caopi thought Emperor Xian was useless and asked Xian to give up the throne
                              1. Three Kingdoms
      2. Thus there was no one to support and help the eunuchs
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