The Slave Trade

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The Slave Trade mind map

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The Slave Trade
  1. Conditions on the slave ship
    1. Terrible Smells
      1. Crowded
        1. Many people died
          1. some of the slaves had badly cut
            1. brought on sickness
              1. Intolerably hot
                1. Hard to breath
                2. The Negroes room
                  1. Intolerably hot
                    1. air produces fever and fluxes
                      1. On the floor covered with blood and mucus
                      2. The Slave trade attacked
                        1. The reason of the slave trade is the war, which take place in Africa
                          1. Thousand in England, wish for war
                            1. They make money for it
                            2. 100 000 slaves are exported each year from all parts of Africa
                              1. Half of these sent to British ships
                              2. The wars probably started from to sell prisoners
                                1. The wars in Africa would stop
                                  1. If Europeans stopped tempting Africans by offering goods for slaves
                                2. The Slave Trade is still operating
                                  1. Theres no longer bring hundreds of innocent victims to New World from Africa
                                    1. It was ended in the 19th century
                                    2. Around 1.5 million and 2 million children are bought and sold every year
                                      1. into lives of sexual and physical expolitation
                                      2. More tens of million
                                        1. Working long hours as domestic servants
                                          1. farm workers
                                            1. are held bonded labour
                                              1. The reason because of there are to repay family depts
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