Homework #1

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It explains how a computer works and what are its components

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Homework #1
  1. 13/08/15
    1. Logical computational thinking
      1. Andres Gutierrez A01066333
        1. Sandra Miranda Leal
    2. 1.1.2 Information input, process and output
      1. Input: is when you enter data in the computer and then its processed and saved turning it into information useful for the computer
        1. Processing: in this part all the information that the computer received trough the inputs are transformed into a digital dialog that is what the computers understand transforming it into binary system that are 0 and 1
          1. Only some things can be processed through binary thats is when it comes the ASCII it process all the data that binary can't like upper lower case letter and, punctuation
            1. Also it exists unicode that is used to process alphabets in strange languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese etc..
              1. Output: when the information is processed then it can be sent through an output device such as an screen, speakers or a printer
      2. 1.1.3 Internal functioning of a computer
        1. The system unit is the main part and is composed of microprocessors, memory and support circuits
          1. The microprocessor is the most important part because its the one that controls everything and makes a computer work it is calles CPU
            1. The CPU is divided in two the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit
              1. The control unit decides were to send the signals and where information belongs in the computer
                1. The arithmetic logic unit is the one in charge of all the mathematical and logical things of the computer
                  1. The cache is a very important part of the perforamance of the computer because it process the information and is between the microprocessor and the RAM
                    1. The cache provides faster data that its not so complicated or that os frequently used
                      1. The flash memory is another very important part because its a writing and reading memory that its used when the devices are not on so it docent forget some things and tasks
                        1. Other main devices that are need for the use of a computer like a mouse, keyboard etc.. are connected trough the ports of the computers and it exist many types like, serial, USB and HDMI
                          1. The main advantage of the USB its that it recognizes almost instantly what device is connected without needing to reboot
                            1. Expansion cards are main part of the computer that are installed during the assembly of a computer and it enables access to many things and have the ports were the inputs can be connected, one of the main uses of a expansion card is to get internet , process graphics, audio and bluetooth
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