SAB7#36_37_Plan Scope Mgmt

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Plan Scope Mgmt Mapa 36 y 37

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SAB7#36_37_Plan Scope Mgmt
  1. 1. PM Plan
    1. 2. Project Charter
      1. 3. EEF's
        1. 4. OPA's
          1. Expert Judgment
            1. Meetings
              1. 1. Scope Mgmt Plan
                1. 2. Requirements Mgmt Plan
                  1. 2. Collect Requirements : All of the stakeholders’ needs and write them down.
                    1. 3. Define Scope : Write down a detailed description of the work you’ll do and what you’ll produce.
                      1. 4. Create WBS
                        1. 5. Control Scope : We already know how important it is to control changes on your project.
                          1. 1. Plan Scope Mgmt : Write down the subsidiary plan for the project management.
                            1. 6. Validatre Scope : What you’re delivering matches what you wrote down in the project scope statement.
                              1. Product Scope : Features and functions of the product or service that you and your team are building.
                                1. Project Scope : All of the work that needs to be done to make the product.
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