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Breakdown on cells including features, and some specialist cells.

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  1. Plant cells
    1. Cell wall
      1. Helps keep rigid shape
      2. Vacuole
        1. Holds water+ pushes cytoplasm agaisnt cell wall
        2. Chloroplasts
          1. Contain chlorophyll used in photosynthesis
          2. Cytoplasm
            1. Chemical soup
            2. Nucleus
              1. Controls chemical activity
              2. Cell membrane
                1. Controls what goes in and out
              3. Animal cells
                1. Nucleus
                  1. Controls chemical activity
                  2. Cell membrane
                    1. Controls what goes in and out
                    2. Cytoplasm
                      1. Chemical soup
                    3. Specialist cells
                      1. Animal
                        1. Nerves
                          1. Carry messages from the brain
                            1. Long and thin (up to 1m)
                            2. Ciliated epithelial
                              1. Airways clean by trapping dust and microbes
                                1. In the oviduct they move egg along the tube
                                  1. Tiny hairs on upper surfaces
                                  2. Red blood
                                    1. Carry oxygen in blood
                                      1. No nucleus
                                        1. Bi-concave shape = bigger surface area to absorb oxygen
                                      2. Plant
                                        1. Palisade
                                          1. Extra chloroplasts to help photosynthesis
                                            1. (Mostly) on top surface of leaves
                                            2. Root hair
                                              1. No chloroplasts- do not need chlorophyll
                                                1. Enable plant to draw water from deep soil
                                            3. Reproductive cells
                                              1. Egg
                                                1. Carry female genetic info
                                                  1. Join with sperm to make a new animal
                                                    1. Carry a food supply until embryo is implanted
                                                      1. Half the number of chromosomes
                                                      2. Sperm
                                                        1. Carry male genetic info
                                                          1. Fertilise the egg to create new animal
                                                            1. Tail for swimming+ tough head for penetrating egg
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