World development.

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World development.
  1. Hunger
    1. This is one of the biggest problem happening in the world right now. Hundreds of people die every day because of hunger.
      1. HUNGER...the biggest problem in South Asia. I can go forever with this as I love writing reports and things on hunger in this world but I will try to just summarize it in a few lines. We can either blame the government and the offices or we can either blame ourselves. We are the ones who waste food and the reason behind that is we do not have lack of money or resources so that is why we waste it. Remember "Money belongs to you but the resources belong to the society". Will you be happy if because of you wasting food 100's die everyday or because of you inflation rate increases and the poor can't afford it at all.
    2. Poverty
      1. Poverty means to be extremely poor and living and in very bad conditions. Not being able to afford for education or health supplements is the sign of poverty.
        1. About 21,000 people die every year of poverty. They suffer from MALNUTRITION: Lack of nutrition. They do not have enough money to even buy normal food, nutritious food is secondary. Mostly which die are children sadly.
      2. Rich/Poor
        1. Examples of RICH COUNTRIES would be countries like Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, UAE,USA
          1. In these countries the average wealth of a person is over $100000 a year. These countries are growing very fast. The main reason why these countries prosper is that there is almost no corruption in these countries which is more than important. An example would be in these countries for jobs and things people are interviewed on the basis of their knowledge. Anti-Religion is also a reason for the development of these countries (no offense).
          2. Examples of POOR COUNTRIES would be countries like Zimbabwe, Burundi, Niger, Afghanistan,Guinea
            1. In these countries the average wealth of a person is $1000 a year or $3 a day. These countries are growing very very slow, if Zimbabwe continues it's growth it will be declared as the richest country after 2722 years! The main reason why these countries stagnate is corruption. These countries are full of corruption which is stagnating these countries. This is really very important. They not have enough resources to invest in Police, Education, Health and Transport. An example of corruption in these countries would be choosing your relatives or the people you know instead of the ones who deserve it. Being religious is declining the thought of the people of improving as they are thinking live with what you have and hope for the best in your next live (no offense).
          3. World Trade
            1. The world trade is a trade which is happening between countries to help each other and also to earn money. It is a trading system between countries which sell their goods to another country. For example China can manufacture goods easily because the labour charge is very cheap and sell it to other countries whereas Nepal is very good in making handicrafts so they can sell their handicrafts to other countries.
              1. This trade is unfair in terms of world development to poor countries as they earn very less profit but they can sell cheaper things which is good for the people, whereas in this trade rich countries can benefit more as they have more money to invest in new things and make them quicker, which will help the country develop even more.
            2. Population Growth
              1. Population growth is an increase of the individuals in a population on a population growth rate (%). The population growth rate is the rate at which number of individuals increase in a period of time.
                1. Population growth can probably affect the country in a negative way from the perspective of development. This is because if their are more people in the society then it's takes more resources and money to feed them. It will also eventually need more land space to build more houses as the number of people have increased. The farmland will then be therefore used as land to build houses on which will affect the food growth and agriculture in the country.
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