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  1. Depressant-Slows down nerve and brain activity-Alcohol, solvents, temazepam
    1. Hallucinogen-Alters what we see and hear-LSD
      1. Painkiller-Blocks nerve impulses-Aspirin, paracetamol
        1. Performance enhancer-Improves muscle development-Anabolic steroids
          1. Stimulant-Increases nerve and brain activity-Nicotine, caffeine, ecstasy
            1. Ale medicines are drugs, but not all drugs are medicines
              1. Most non-medical drugs are illegal
                1. Certain drugs can be extracted from natural sources, and have been known about for a long time. For example, willow bark was used by the ancient Greeks to help cure fevers and pains. It was later discovered that the active ingredient was salicylic acid.
                  1. MOst drugs are tested on animals.
                    1. In clinical trials, one group of volunteers - called the test group - receives the new drug. Another group - the control group - receives the existing drug for that illness.
                      1. There are two main types of clinical trial:: Blind trials – the volunteers do not know which group they are in but the researchers do and double-blind trials – neither the volunteers nor the researchers know which group the volunteers are in until the end of the trial
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