theory of colors

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Describe la teoria del color y muy facil de leer

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theory of colors
  1. Color Terms
    1. Hue: synonymous with “color” or the name of a specific color
      1. Shade: a hue darkened with blank
        1. Tone: a hue dulled with gray
          1. Tint: a hue lightened with white
            1. Saturation: refers to the intensity or purity of a color
              1. Value: refers to the lightness or darkness of a color
              2. The Color Wheel
                1. primary or base colors
                  1. red, yellow, and blue
                  2. secondary colors
                    1. orange, green, and violet
                    2. “colors of the rainbow.” You many have memorized the acronym “Roy. G. Biv”"
                      1. subtractive model
                        1. additive model
                      2. Color Harmony
                        1. Monochromatic
                          1. Analogous
                            1. Complementary
                              1. Split-Complementary
                                1. Triadic
                                  1. Tetradic/Double-Complementary
                                  2. Color Inspiration
                                    1. 100 Brilliant Color Combinations
                                    2. The Psychology of Color
                                      1. Color Symbolism
                                        1. Yellow
                                          1. Orange
                                            1. Red
                                              1. Green
                                                1. Blue
                                                  1. Purple/Violet
                                                    1. Black and White
                                                    2. Color in Design
                                                      1. Color in Marketing & Branding
                                                        1. RGB vs. CMYK Color Systems
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