SAB7#90 Plan Human Resource Management

Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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Mind Map on SAB7#90 Plan Human Resource Management, created by Raúl Ladrón de Gueva on 08/19/2015.

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SAB7#90 Plan Human Resource Management
  1. Problems among stakeholders by defining roles
    1. Project Management Plan


      • Before defining the roles , responsibilities , reporting structure , and so on, you need to consider information about the cycle of life and decided for the project processes , how the work is performed , the communication needs of stakeholders, and other factors of the project management plan.
      1. Enterprise Environmental Factors


        • Before developing a plan for human resource management , you need to understand what the business environmental factors may come into play . - What Organizations Will Be Involved in the project ? - Are there hidden agendas? - Is there anyone who does not want the project ? - Are Assigned and collocated or potential team members based in different offices and / or country clubs ? - What is the availability of contract help? - What is the availability of training for project team members ?
        1. Organizational Process Assets
          1. Processes
            1. Procedure
            2. Organization Charts and Position Descriptions
              1. Assigning Roles
                1. Assigning Activities
                  1. Roles and responsibilities
                    1. Assigning responsibility
                      1. Organizational breakdown structures
                        1. Resource breakdown structures
                          1. Job descriptions
                          2. Understanding of the allocation of roles and activities
                            1. Resources are needed
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