Logical and computational thinking

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Logical thinking

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Logical and computational thinking
  1. Process to solve problems to different techniques, such as a formulation of problems in a way you can use a computer and other tools to solve them
    1. Abstraction
      1. Eliminating what is not necessary for the complex part of the problem
      2. Breaking down
        1. Broke down the problem into smaller or easier to had pieces
        2. Simulation
          1. Anticipate the result of a problem
          2. Algorithm development
            1. Number of steps that we can replicate to automate process
            2. Problem
              1. A situation regarded as unwelcome and needed be dealt with and overcome
                1. Divides in:
                  1. Collecting information stage
                    1. Solution creation stage
                      1. Solution implementation
                        1. Evaluation Stage
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