Tactics for TOIEC

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Tactics for TOEIC Preparation

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Tactics for TOIEC
  1. Listening
    1. Photographs
      1. Predict the possible verbs and nouns or possible sentences.
      2. Question-response
        1. Listen for specific information, focusing on the key words.
        2. Conversations
          1. Smimming through the questions and answers.
            1. "Who says what"
              1. Listen for specific information.
              2. Short Talks
                1. Smimming through the questions and answers.
                  1. Listen for specific information
                2. Reading Comprehension
                  1. Incomplete Sentences
                    1. Recognize parts of speech.
                      1. Look the answer choices with the correct part of speech.
                      2. Text Completion
                        1. Choose the correct verb form.
                        2. Reading Comprehension
                          1. Don't read. Look at the questions first.
                            1. Do the specific questions first.
                              1. Pick out the keywords in the questions.
                                1. Scan the passaage for specific keys or ideas to answer the best choice.
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