3 key people in the humanist tradition

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3 key people in the humanist tradition
1 Humanism is a hilosophy/world view
1.1 That there is nothing higher or other than human existance.
1.2 Quote: Humanism has no rules attracting punishment if broken; there is no leader, no prophet, nor revealed texts from a God
1.2.1 Ann James
1.3 Within the human person there is everything needed for a good and dignified life
2 Karl Marx
2.1 Born in Germany in 1818
2.1.1 Parents were Jewish then converted to Protestanism in 1824 He then rejected all forms of religion.
2.2 Religion is "the opium of the people"
2.2.1 "Man makes religion, Religion does not make man"
2.3 Key Idea: Historical Materialism
2.3.1 only part of human nature which doesn't change: the desire to work and produce Human Labour created history focuses on people and the world Historical Materialism
2.3.2 The place a person has in society governs the quality of their life.
2.3.3 tow opposing classes- not equal share of labour. Privileged class controls everything even though they are the minority. To prevent revolution they "invented" God to keep their domineering position. The exploited class believed in God. That they will be happy when they die and are in Heaven. exploited class will eventually violently revolt in order to gain wealth
2.4 He wanted everyone to be equal in a classless state.
2.4.1 eliminate evil from Human history.
2.4.2 All mans suffering will be justified by the arrival of the classless state.
3 Jean Paul Sarte
3.1 born in Paris 1905
3.1.1 Enter text here
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