Explore the world and yourself

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Explore the world and yourself
  1. Contents
    1. Sport and Fitness
      1. Talk about sports, rules and equipments
        1. Learn about olympic games
        2. Skin Deep
          1. Describe appereance and concept of beauty
            1. Learn about races and cultures
            2. Animals in danger
              1. Talk about animals around the world
                1. Talk about animals in danger and environment
                2. Violent Earth
                  1. Learn about landscapes and relief
                    1. Talk about natural dissasters
                  2. Communication
                    1. Language of learning
                      1. Vocabulary
                        1. sports - sport's equipment adjectives for appearance descriptions People races Animals word partnerships word link
                        2. Grammar
                          1. Present tenses (simple present and present progressive) and past tenses (simple past and present perfect) Zero conditional Conectors Used to
                        3. Language for learning
                          1. Language through learning
                            1. Reading
                              1. Planet football - What makes an olympic Champion? - The enigma of beauty - Skin:the body's Canvas - Saving the Panda - Tracking the snow leopard - Sacred Mountains - Predicting Earthquakes
                              2. Writing
                                1. Mini books - Blog - Posters - Little article
                            2. Culture
                              1. Talk about sport culture and olympics games Learn about beauty concept around the world Talk about environment and animal care
                              2. Cognition
                                1. Comparing Predicting Introducing Explaining
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