SAB7#66 & 67 Planning Cost & Plan Cost Management

Daniel Pineda
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Daniel Pineda
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Mind Map on SAB7#66 & 67 Planning Cost & Plan Cost Management, created by Daniel Pineda on 08/22/2015.

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SAB7#66 & 67 Planning Cost & Plan Cost Management
  1. Human Resource Plan
    1. Scope Baseline
      1. Process: Plan Cost Management Process Group: Planning Knowledge Area: Cost Management
        1. Activity Cost Estimation
          1. Basis of Estimates
            1. Net Present Value
              1. Payback Period
                1. Internal Rate of Return
                  1. Project Charter
                    1. EEF's
                      1. OPA's
                        1. Plan Cost Management


                          • Planning process group
                          1. Project Management Plan
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