Earnings per share (EPS)


Summary of EPS
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Earnings per share (EPS)
  1. Basic earnings
    1. - P/L attributable to ordinary owners of parent. - Adj. After-tax effects of items relating to pref. shares classified as equity: 1. Non-cumulative div = if declared; 2. Cumulative div = irrespective of declaration; 3. Diff on settlement of pref. shares.
    2. Basic shares
      1. Issue = MV/FV
        1. 1. Weight current period; 2. Do not restate comparatives
          1. Mandatory convertible instruments: - incl. from date contract entered into.
        2. Issue for no value
          1. 1. Do not weight current period; 2. Restate comparatives.
            1. Rights issue
              1. At fair value - weight current period; - do not restate
                1. At less than FV - Split no. of shares into for value & bonus portions; - FOR VALUE portion : do as FV normal; - BONUS portion : Do not weight current yr; restate proportionately
            2. Combo
              1. 1. Weight for value in current period; 2. Restate comparatives proportionately for bonus portion.
            3. Diluted eps
              1. - ID potential shares; - ID if dilutive ( Determine sequence; Test against control)
                1. Adj. basic earnings; after-tax income/expense items which no longer occur due to dilutive
                  1. 1. Start with basic WANOS; 2. Adj. for all dilutive shares;
                    1. Contracts settled either in ordinary shares or cash
                      1. Option of isuer
                        1. assumed to settle in ordinary shares
                        2. Option of holder
                          1. Determine the more dilutive option
                          2. Convertible debentures
                          3. Sequence of dilution - frm most dilutive to least dilutive (each issue considered seperate of others
                          4. Headline earnings (C03/12)
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