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1. Research shows that units led by controlling managers have decreased morale. Deborah is a controlling manager and her department will suffer morale problems illustrates? A.Inductive Reasoning B.Deductive Reasoning C.Focused Reasoning D.Historical Reasoning 2. An income statement explains what? A.Expenses, debts and liabilities B.Owners available cash C.Revenues, expenses and profits D.Gross revenues 3. A company commits to answering all phone calls within 20 seconds. Which operational concept deals with observing and documenting actual results? A.Capacity B.Control C.Inventory D.Scheduling 4. Measures the economic return on a project or investment? A.Value of benefits received B.Costs to produce benefits C.Return on investment D.Technological advances 5. Determines the point in time at which total revenue associated with an HR program is equal to the total cost of the program? A.Cost-benefit analysis B.Return on investment C.Economic factors D.Break-even analysis 6. HR is launching a company-wide training initiative. How can HR determine when the anticipated revenue will exceed the cost of developing the program? A.Calculate gross margin B.Calculate return on investment C.Conduct a break-even analysis D.Conduct a cost-benefit analysis 7. For a balanced scorecard system to be implemented effectively, it should ______ A.Start at the bottom of the organization and work its way to the top B.Be introduced simultaneously to all division and departments C.Focus on specific measures that support business strategies D.Concentrate on tracking and reporting financial results 8. The outsourcing process begins with which step? A.Choose contractor B.Define budget C.Create RFP D.Analyze needs and define goals 9. A company must immediately downsize its workforce by 15% due to shrinking markets. What important role will HR play during the process? A.Form new work teams based on the gaps created by the layoffs B.Summarize industry trends and communicate them to employees C.Ensure that top management regularly communicates with employees D.Launch a new quality initiative to preserve customer satisfaction 10. Project planning tool that plots the sequential steps of a project against time A.Horizontal bar chart B.Milestone chart C.Pert chart D.Gantt chart 11. Shows how much time is needed to complete a project A.Road map B.Arrow diagram C.Activity chart D.Pert chart 12. The final step in the Outsourcing process? A.Implement and monitor B.Evaluate C.Analyze needs and define goals D.Negotiate 13. In the Strategy Development process what time frame is considered long-term objectives? A.3-5 years B.5-6 years C.6-8 years D.9-10 years 14. Which of the following activities best prepares HR to participate in the strategic planning process? A.Evaluate a new HRIS system B.Restructuring HR's recruiting system C.Training line managers on interviewing techniques D.Review the company's key financial data 15. Budgeting Methods usually stated as a percentage of increase or decrease to general funding ______ A.Incremental B.Formula C.Zero-based D.Percentage 16. The Balance Sheet summarizes the firm's financial position including A.Every financial transaction B.Monetary transactions C.Assets = Liabilities + Equity D.General funding 17. The strategy which attemps to set the product apart form its competition by giving it unique characteristics for which customers will pay a premium price? A.Cost-leader strategy B.Differentiation strategy C.Focus strategy D.Product strategy 18. For a balanced scorecard system to be implemented effectively, it should: A.Be introduced simultaneously to all divisions and departments B.Start at the bottom of the organization and work its way to the top C.Focus on specific measures that support business strategies D.Concentrate on tracking and reporting financial results 19. John, Joe and Mary are top salespeople and have accounting backgrounds. Therefore for this job accounting background indicates success. What form or reasoning is used? A.Inductive (from specific to general) B.Deductive (from general to specific) 20. Which of the following organizations would be subject to the EEOC rules and regulations specified in Title VII and its amendments? A.A five-person, family-owned computer repair business B.An independent college with 80 employees C.A franchise operation with two full-time managers and ten part-time employees D.A new labor union with 14 members 21. Several exceptions to the definition of descrimination exist excluding: A.Work-related requirements B.BFOQ's C.Seniority system D.Age 22. The ADAAA specifies that disability determinations may consider: A.Medications B.Auziliary aids C.Ordinary eyeglasses or contact lenses D.Adaptive behaviors that mitigate the effects of the disability 23. A company interviews 60 males and 40 females. They hire 30 males and 10 females. What is the selection rate of females? A.20% B.25% C.30% D.40% 24. Which document would prove identity and right to work in the U.S.? A.U.S. Military ID card B.Social Security Card C.Drivers license with photo D.Permanent Resident Card 25. The WARN act requires a minumum of _____ days notice for plant closings and mass layoffs A.30 B.45 C.60 D.90 26. Treating protected classes differently than other employees or evaluating them by different standards is what type of discrimination? A.Disparate impact B.Adverse impact C.Disparate treatment D.Adverse treatment 27. Applying rules that have a negative effect on protected classes to all employees is what type of discrimination? A.Disparate treatment B.Disparate or adverse impact C.Perpetuating past discrimination D.Protected treatment 28. Landmark case that recognized "adverse impact" discrimination. Found that employment practices can be illegal even when applied to all employees A.McDonnel Douglas Corp v. Green B.Griggs v. Duke Power C.Washington v. Davis D.McKinnon v. Nashville 29. Landmark case that established criteria for "disparate treatment". Ruled that a prima facie case can be shown if an employee: * Belongs to a protected class* Applied for a job when the employer sought applicants.* Was qualified and yet rejected.* Was rejected but the employer kept looking. A.McDonnel Douglas Corp v. Green B.Griggs v. Duke Power C.Washington v. Davis D.Nelson v. Nashville Banner Publishing Co. 30. Which of the following is frequently a trigger for an AA audit by the OFCCP? A.A surge of workers compensation claims B.Membership in a technology-based industry C.A mass layoff of management employees D.A federal contract of over $1 million 31. Sexual harassment case that established "reasonable person" standard A.Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson B.Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. C.Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. D.Faragher v. City of Boca Raton 32. Which of the following would most likely be an essential job funtion? A.Devotes approximately 8% of time to direct customer contact B.Regularly reviews engineering design documents C.As time permits, participates in an ongoing employee committee assignment D.May delegate template preparation to administratie support 33. The FIRST step in determining which candidates are qualified for an open position is a(n) A.Review of the job description B.Assessment of the company's ability to pay C.Review of the candidates resume D.Evaluation of internal candidates 34. An interview assumes that a a woman will do poorly in a job that requries math and analytical skills. This interviewing bias is known as ____ A.Horn effect B.Cultural noise C.Stereotyping D.Negative emphasis 35. The correlation of test results to job performance are predictive and concurrent are known as _____ A.Content validity B.Construct validity C.Criterion-related validity D.Predictive validity 36. The OWBPA requires that employees signing a waiver of their ADEA rights must ____ A.Be given at least 14 days to consider the agreement B.Receive severance pay or something of value C.Consult an attorney prior to signing the waiver D.Have at least three days to revoke the agreement after it is signed 37. Which type of employment situation would MOST likely warrant a written employment contract? A.Full-time teacher B.Salesperson C.Graphic Artist D.Department Manager 38. When an employer makes conditions for an employee so intolerable that the employee resigns, it is known as _____ A.Disparate treatment B.Negligent hiring C.Employment-at-will D.Constructive discharge 39. Which of the following test measures the capacity to learn or acquire new skills? A.Achievement B.Apptitude C.Psychomotor D.Personality 40. Which of the following procedurally assists employers in complying with federal regulations against discrimination? A.Executive Order 11246 B.Congressional Accountability Act C.Title VII, Civil Rights Act D.Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures 41. Although an employee has been an overall good performer, the manager gives her a poor rating in the performance appraisal because she has performed below average in a particular client assignment for 15 days. This is an example of ____ A.Halo effect B.Horn effect C.Primacy D.Strictness 42. All the employees working for a particular manager are usually dissatisfied because he consistently gives low ratings compared to other managers in his department. From a performance appraisal point of view, the error committed is _____ A.Bias B.Leniency C.Central tendency D.Strictness 43. In a company, the HR manager is struggling with multiple layers of hierarchy, which requires the use of proper channels of communication. The HR manager hopes to improve work relationships between employees. He should concentrate on: A.Intrapersonal strategies B.Technological strategies C.Interpersonal strategies D.Structural strategies 44. According to the implementation theory, issues related to job design and job simplification are part of which organizational development intervention strategy? A.Intrapersonal strategies B.Technological strategies C.Interpersonal strategies D.Structural strategies 45. A company, unknowingly, hires an employee with a past criminal record for violence. Subsequently, the employee assaults a fellow colleague over a minor disagreement. Is the employer liable? A.The employer is not liable because he was not aware of the past criminal record of the employee concerned B.The employer is liable because the incident happened in the employer`s premises C.The employer is liable because he should have adequately researched the employee`s background D.The employer is not liable because the employee hid the information from the employer 46. An organization hires a network of ex-CEOs and engages them to build skills in key competency areas for identified senior managers. Which of the following career development tools is the organization making use of? A.Counseling B.Coaching C.Apprenticeship D.Succession Planning 47. The Head of Delivery of a Development Centre of a large IT firm is posted as the Head of HR in a round of organizational restructuring. This could be an example of which of the following career development tools? A.Job enrichment B.Job enlargement C.Job rotation D.Promotion 48. Which of the following statements is not true about paired comparisons? A.The paired comparison method can be used for medium to large scale firms B.In this method each employee is compared with every other employee C.Decision making across employees is easier, as only two employees are compared at one point in time D.The method is elaborate 49. In a large multi - national organization, senior management appraisals require the appraisee to make a detailed presentation on objectives and achievements to a group of managers including his immediate superior, the head of the department, and the concerned HR manager. This is an example of: A.360 degree appraisal B.Panel review C.Presentation review D.Team appraisal 50. Uniform guidelines on employee selection procedures provide that: A.Individuals possess personal liberty irrespective of race, color, ethnicity, etc B.People are hired in a manner which does not require them to receive any further training in order to meet job requirements C.Appropriate training opportunities are provided to eligible employees where these trainings are instrumental in deciding future promotions D.Reverse discrimination is eliminated 51. Which of the following training methods would be most effective in training a new time office clerk in small trouble shooting jobs on the attendance punching machine? A.Demonstration B.Case discussion C.Small group activity D.Presentation 52. Which of the following methods would be most suitable in teaching skills of direct selling to a group of salespersons?* A.Presentations B.Seminars C.Role play D.E-Learning modules 53. Employees working in a customer grievance redressal cell complain that the noise of heavy traffic from the road outside interferes with their ability to hear and address customer issues. According to Herzbergs motivation-hygiene theory, which of the following is true? A.Installing sound-proof walls will increase levels of job satisfaction B.Fixing the problem will not lead to job satisfaction C.Relations with colleagues matter more than the working conditions D.Employees will get used to the noise over a period of time 54. A marketing manager attending a program on trends in sales and distribution management is asked at the end of the program, how he would plan a distribution network for a niche, private label apparel range. Which of the following learning levels is he being asked to display? A.Comprehension B.Knowledge C.Application D.Analysis 55. Career planning focuses on the needs of _____ A.Employees B.Orgnaizations C.Managers D.Teams 56. A class on using assertiveness skills uses a demonstration to introduce a new assertiveness tool. The training method that is most appropriate to be used immediately after the demonstration would be: A.Reading B.Case study C.Structured exercise D.Group discussion 57. If one of the objectives of the training head is to conduct training interventions in the area of consulting skills so that the contribution of revenue from consulting assignments as a proportion of total revenue increases from 8% to 12%; this would be an example of: A.Strategically aligning HRM B.Orgnaizational learning C.Organizational development D.Strategically aligning HRD 58. Coming out of a visioning exercise for the organization over the next ten years, two training interventions were planned – one in the area of consulting skills and the other in the area of program management (as opposed to project management). What is likely to appeal to the adult learners about these upcoming programs? A.Get to spend time away from their jobs B.Will meet the training requirement in their development plans C.Provide skills that can be immediately applied in their jobs D.Involves practice 59. With a view to improving organizational effectiveness, an organization commissions an employee morale survey with a view to designing and implementing interventions in order to improve employee morale. These interventions are most likely to be: A.Structural B.Technological C.Process D.Interpersonal 60. A mid-level manager might regularly meet with a senior executive during which career development option? A.Mentoring B.Fast track C.Job enrichment D.Expatriation/repatriation 61. Court ruling that same-gender harassment is actionable under Title VII? A.Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson B.Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. C.Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. D.Faragher v. City of Boca Raton 62. Court ruling that first held sexual harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act REGARDLESS of whether it is quid pro quo or hostile environment harassment. A.Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson B.Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. C.Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. D.Faragher v. City of Boca Raton 63. Ratios that can help quantify recruitment efforts. A.Yield ratios B.Selection ratios C.Ratio analysis D.Trend ratios 64. The characteristics that are valued by an organization and are tied to its vision, mission and method of operating are often referred to as.... A.Competency statement B.Core values C.Core competencies D.Ethics statement 65. Projection of furture demand based on a past relationship; involves a single variable A.Linear Regression B.Simple Linear Regression C.Forecasting D.Trend ratio

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