Consequences of Imperialism in Africa

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Consequences of Imperialism in Africa

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Consequences of Imperialism in Africa
  1. Ecological
    1. -New Methods of farming and animal and plant species unpublished -Caused profound alterations of ecoystems
      1. -Rivers were contaminated with heavy metals (mercury and others)
    2. Geopolitical
      1. -Creation of artificial boundaries forcing the union or separation of tribal and ethnic groups
        1. -Inumerable racial conflicts that exist nowadays
      2. Political
        1. -Imposed administrative organization -there was always conflict that formed the germ of antimperialism usually involved westernized middle classes who claimed respect for the indigenous
          1. -This led to Ghando working in SA in 1983 through passive resistence and civil desobedience
        2. Economical
          1. -Traditional economy was replaced by export monoculture -Causing disappearance of ancestral farms of production
            1. dramatic changes in the landscape and severe alteration of the environment
          2. Social
            1. -The bourgeoisie from the metropolis composed of merchants, oficials and land owners invaded the means of high levels of political society
              1. -There were certain cases were indigenous groups were asimilated by the colonizers and became part of social elite
                1. This occured mainly with old elite leaders, members of certain bodies of the army and official of colonial admin.
                  1. -The minority which was mostly native population was subject of a white spread process of becoming part of the qualitariat which increased the abundant serve of labor to the creation of infraestructure and plantation agriculture
            2. Cultural
              1. -Lost of identity, implanted patterns of behaviours, ediucation and mentality
                1. -French and english were imposed, influences of christianity
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