Inmune System


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Inmune System
  1. One that protects your body from germs
    1. Subsystems
      1. Adptive
        1. fight harmful substances and germs
        2. Inate
          1. fight certain germs
            1. makes antibodies
            2. known as an "acquired"
              1. immune system is constantly learning and adapting
            3. Exist two sub-systems
            4. It is made up of
              1. special organs, cells and chemicals that fight infection
                1. Lymphatic system
                  1. Main role react to bacteria
                    1. network of delicate tubes throughout the body
                    2. Antibodies
                      1. fight microbes or the toxins
                        1. help the body
                        2. Bone marrow
                          1. found inside your bones
                            1. produces the red blood cells
                              1. carry oxygen,
                              2. spongy tissue
                              3. Spleen
                                1. destroys damaged red blood cells
                                  1. removes microbe
                                  2. The complement system
                                    1. complement antibodies
                                      1. composed of proteins
                                      2. White blood cells
                                        1. Incluide cell b and t
                                          1. seek and attack strange invaders
                                            1. mabe in the bone marrow
                                            2. Thymus
                                              1. produces T-lymphocytes
                                                1. filters and monitors your blood content
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