A Christmas Carol: Fred (Fans son, Scrooges Nephew)

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GCSE English literature Mind Map on A Christmas Carol: Fred (Fans son, Scrooges Nephew), created by Rashida Ali on 08/25/2015.

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A Christmas Carol: Fred (Fans son, Scrooges Nephew)
  1. Fred
    1. Jolly/ merry/ joyous
      1. " ' A merry christmas uncle! God save you' cried a cheerful voice..."
        1. " ' Christmas a humbug uncle!' said Scrooges nephew ' you don't mean that i am sure"
          1. " 'Come then' returned the nephew gaily. 'What right have yo to be dismal? what reason have you to be morose..."
          2. Scrooges nephew is the embodiment of christmas spirit. He is a jolly and generous fellow and even extends this to include his mean uncle. When Scrooge redeems himself and asks to join his christmas celebrations, Fred is delighted
            1. Sympathetic/ affectionate/ caring/ thoughtful/ Forgiving
              1. "' Don't be angry uncle. Come! Dine with us tomorrow."
                1. "' Uncle!' pleaded the nephew."
                  1. "'Why cannot we be friends?' 'Good afternoon,' said scrooge"
                    1. " ' I am sorry with all my heart to find you so resolute... So a ,merry Christmas Uncle! "
                      1. " ' Good afternoon,' said Scrooge ' And a Happy new year!' 'Good afternoon!' said Scrooge'. His nephew left without an angry word, notwithstanding.'
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