P.O.W.E.R Learning

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itself is merely an acronym—a word formed from the first letters of a series of steps

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P.O.W.E.R Learning
  1. Prepare
    1. Setting goals: before seeking to accomplish any task, we need to plan this process.
      1. Long-term: aims that relate to major accomplishments.
        1. Short-term: limited steps that would take you to the long term goals.
      2. Rethink
        1. Bring a fresh—and clear—eye to what you’ve done.
          1. Use critical thinking: re-analyze, question, and challenge yourself and your assumption.
            1. Re-analyze, and review your work, question your outcome, identify the assumptions and challenge them, re-consider alternatives previously rejected, and finally reconsider the initial goals.
          2. Organize
            1. Organize the tools you’ll need to accomplish your goals
              1. Physical organization
                1. It involves the mechanical tools and aspects to complete the task.
                  1. Examples: pens, pencils, notebooks, calculator, etc.
                2. Mental organization
                  1. It is about considering and reviewing the academic skills that you’ll need to successfully complete the task at hand.
                    1. Examples: the basic skills you need to accomplish the task.
              2. Evaluate
                1. Determinate how well the product or activity you created matches your goals for it.
                  1. Congratulate yourself and feel some satisfaction, compare your accomplishment with the goal, have an out-body experience, and based on the evaluation revise your work.
                  2. Work
                    1. Finding the motivation to work.
                      1. Effort equals succes.
                        1. Take responsibility for your failures and success, think positive, accept that you can`t control everything.
                      2. Tool to help take in, process and make use of a certain information that will be usefull in college.
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