What staff wanted

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What staff wanted
  1. Music on the slope
    1. No swearing
      1. Birthday songs for parties
      2. Lights on the slope
        1. Disco lights
          1. Night time tubing session
          2. Demonstation by mascot
            1. Different mascots not the whole session but maybe the introduction in a suit
            2. Introduction for tubing to reviewed
              1. A standard introduction for everyone
              2. Staff go tubing
                1. At the end of a session they go tubing
                2. Faster slope
                  1. New surface
                    1. Look into ways to make the slope faster
                    2. What Staff think customers would like
                      1. Interctive session
                        1. Timing device
                          1. Egg timer
                            1. clock
                          2. More assessable
                            1. Maybe a rope to hold onto
                              1. Not as steep gradual gradient
                                1. Magic carpet
                                2. Mini compeition
                                  1. Certificates for most spins
                                    1. Most runs
                                    2. New products
                                      1. Air tubing
                                    3. A games book
                                      1. Races
                                        1. Targets
                                          1. Bumper car
                                            1. Curling
                                              1. Bowling
                                                1. Basket ball hoop
                                                2. STAFF COMPETITION
                                                  1. Ask customers to rate their time tubing out of 5
                                                    1. End of month wins a prize
                                                      1. Insentive
                                                        1. More Money
                                                        2. DM to contribute
                                                          1. Skiing or SB at end
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