How to succeed in my A-levels

Alexandra Lowe
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My plan to get back up from my not so good AS grades and do really well in everything this year and come out on top with good grades for uni

Alexandra Lowe
Created by Alexandra Lowe about 4 years ago
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How to succeed in my A-levels
1 Revision
1.1 Read "How to ace your A-levels" + "7 Habits of successful teengaers"
1.2 Do each past exam paper twice
1.2.1 Improves exam technique which is one of the failing points on the biology exam
1.2.2 Better repetition and understanding of maths processes, helps drill them in your head
1.3 Flash cards
1.3.1 Highlight Keywords
1.3.2 Use Succinct phrases, which will help you communicate in exams
1.3.3 Flash cards of commonly found Math processes in a step by step form
1.4 Mind maps
1.4.1 Make a hand drawn mind map after every finished topic
1.4.2 Make notes based on your maps
2 Subjects
2.1 Biology
2.1.1 AS Paper 2 Course work
2.1.2 A2
2.2 Maths
2.2.1 AS S1 C2
2.2.2 A2 C3 c4 s2
2.3 Chemistry
2.3.1 AS Paper 2
2.3.2 A2
3 Excersize
3.1 Yoga with Adreiene every morning
3.2 Go running AT LEAST 2 times a week
3.3 Swim every friday
3.4 Pilates Tuesday - Friday
4 Everyday Routine
4.1 Wake up Monday - Fri at 6:30 AM
4.2 Bedtime 10:30 (school night)
4.3 At least 2 hours home study every night
4.4 Choose a motivational quote in the mornings
5 Friends and lesiure
5.1 1 night out a month
5.2 Meet up and do something with a friend at least once per week
5.3 Less TV time, at most 1 and a half hours per day
5.4 30 minuets reading before bed

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