The cell and its process

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cell and its process

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The cell and its process
  1. Lysosome
    1. Enzyme storage for degrading wastes
    2. Mithocondria
      1. Energy production site
      2. Nucleus
        1. Genetic information stored, command center
        2. Diffusion
          1. Molecule transport that depends on the concentration gradient
          2. Osmosis
            1. Water transport across the membranes
            2. Active Trasnport
              1. Molecule transport that depends on an energy source
              2. Isotonic Solution
                1. Same concentration of molecules outside the cell and inside the cell
                2. Hypertonic Solution
                  1. More molecules outside the cell
                  2. Concentration Gradient
                    1. Molecules concentration differs from one side of the cell to the other
                    2. Phospholipid Bilayer
                      1. Cell membtane
                      2. Endocytosis
                        1. Bringing molecules inside the cell
                        2. Cell Wall
                          1. Rigid structure that protects plant cells
                          2. Endoplasmic reticulum
                            1. They are very important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins
                            2. Golgi
                              1. Transports proteins from endoplasmic reticulum and adds new molecules to them
                              2. Vacuole
                                1. Big storage baggies
                                2. Cytoskeleton
                                  1. Cell support, structure and organization
                                  2. Flagellum
                                    1. Structure used by bacteria to move in the media
                                    2. Exocytosis
                                      1. Bringing molecules out the cell
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