SAB#113_117_Tipos_Reportes_I -II

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SAB#113_117_Tipos_Reportes_I -II
  1. Communication Types
    1. Formal Written
      1. Comple problems, project management plan, project charter, communicating over long distances.
      2. Formal Verbal
        1. Presentations, speeches.
        2. Informal Written
          1. E-mail, handwritten notes, text messages, instant messaging
          2. Informal Verbal
            1. Meetings, conversations.
          3. Communication Management
            1. Communication Blockers
              1. * Noisy surrounding * Distance between those trying to communicate * Improper encoding of message * Hostility * Language * Culture
              2. Performance Reporting
                1. Status Report: This report describes where the project currently stands regarding the performance measurement baseline.
                  1. Progress Report: A progress report describes what has been accomplished
                    1. Trend Report: Examines project result over time to see if performance is improving or deteriorating.
                      1. Forecasting report: predicts future project status and performance.
                        1. Variance report: A variance report compares actual result to baseline
                          1. Earned value report: integrates scope, cost, and schedule measures to asses project performance.
                            1. Lessons learned documentation: report on performance are used as lessons learned for future projects.
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