Old Testament Review

Natalie Colehower
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review of old testament

Natalie Colehower
Created by Natalie Colehower about 4 years ago
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Old Testament Review
1 6. The exodus
1.1 departure of the isrealites from Egypt
1.2 led by moses out of slavery
1.2.1 God speaks through Moses
1.2.2 Arrons speaks for Moses due to a stutter
1.2.3 When Pharaoh denies, God brings plagues
1.2.4 Moses leads the people to the promised land
1.3 God parted the red sea
1.4 Moses showed Egypt miracles of God
1.5 Moses repeats "let my people go"
1.6 After the death of his son Pharaoh lets the isrealites leave
2 8. Kings
2.1 Saul
2.2 David
2.2.1 Kills Uriah
2.2.2 Sees Bathsheba Bathing
2.2.3 Gets Bathsheba Pregnant
2.2.4 God says his throne will endure forever
2.3 Solomon
2.4 After Solomons death Isreal splits in two
3 1. Creation
3.1 Happened in 7 days
3.2 The first thing he created was light
3.3 He rested on the 7th day
3.4 He said everything was "good"
3.5 God made Man in his Own image
3.5.1 He said they were very good God Blessed man and woman and gave them everything on the earth From adams side he made Eve
3.6 God spoke and everything was so
4 2. The Fall
4.1 After the fall People moved east
4.2 Satan lies to Adam and Eve, to temp them to eat the fruit
4.3 God puts a curse on Man
4.3.1 He told the woman she will have pain in Childbirth
4.3.2 The woman's focus will be only on he husband
4.3.3 The man must work for a living
4.3.4 The ground he walks on will be cursed
4.4 God also curses the serpent
4.5 They realized they were naked and covered themselves
4.6 Adam and Eve were sent away
5 4. Blessing of Abraham
5.1 God tell Abraham to leave his country
5.2 Abraham receives many blessings
5.3 Had two sons
5.3.1 First son is Ishmael son of Hagar
5.3.2 Second son is Isaac, son of sarah
5.3.3 God told him to Sacrifice Isaac
5.3.4 Ishmael starts Islam religion
5.4 Becomes the father of a great nation
5.5 moves to Egypt
5.6 blesses the world through his kids
6 3.The Flood
6.1 God found favor in Noah
6.1.1 told noah he would establish his covanenet with him
6.1.2 Saved him and his family from the flood
6.1.3 Noah did everything God commanded
6.1.4 noah was blameless
6.2 Rained for 40 days and 40 nights
6.3 God Saved 2 of every animal, male and female
6.4 noah was commanded to take every kind of food also
6.5 The world was corrupt and violent
6.6 God Told noah to build an ark
7 7. Mt. Sinai
7.1 Where ten commandments were given to Moses
7.2 Moses did this twice
7.2.1 people saw that moses was gone for so long so they built a golden calf
7.2.2 the peole didnt know what had happened
7.2.3 Moses Broke the tablets in two
7.2.4 the isrealites had been worshipping the idol and indulged in revelry
7.3 mountain was engulfed in a could and fire
7.4 Also called Mt. Horeb
7.5 Moses stayed for 40 days
7.6 Ten commandments were written on stone
8 5. Jacob and His Family
8.1 Jacob Has 12 sons
8.1.1 Joseph was the favorite
8.1.2 Joseph a dream interpreter
8.1.3 Other brothers sold Joseph as a slave
8.1.4 Judah sleeps with sons wife
8.2 Jacob had 4 Wives
8.3 Re-Named Isreal
8.4 Lived in the Land of canaan
8.5 Jacob returnes to the land of his father after his death
8.6 His son becomes the prime minister of egypt