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review of the old testament of the bible, going from creation to exile

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  1. 1. CREATION
    1. Adam and Eve are first people
      1. God breathes into Adam to create him
        1. God makes Eve to give Adam company
          1. First thing God says is bad is loneliness
            1. First thing God says is very good is women
              1. Women's curse was pain in childbirth and desire for man to have control over her;
                1. Man's curse was that he had to work
                  1. God didn't want it to be like this...
    2. 2. THE FLOOD
      1. 40 days and 40 nights of rain
        1. Ark floats around for 120 days
        2. Ark touched land and rain stopped on 17th of Nisan, SAME DAY AS JESUS ROSE FROM THE CROSS!!!
          1. When the ark hit land there was a rainbow
          2. God tells Noah to build an ark
            1. 1 male and 1 female of every animal on the ark as well as Noah and his fam
          3. 3. BLESSING OF ABRAHAM
            1. Name was originally Abram but God changed it to Abraham
              1. Wife's name was Sarai but god changed it to Sarah
              2. God promises Abraham 3 things
                1. 1. great nation
                  1. 2. posses the land
                    1. owning land=respect
                    2. 3.descendants will be a blessing to the world
                      1. descendants will be as numerous as the stars
                      2. has chosen son, Isaac, with Sarah
                        1. has non chosen son, Ishmael, with Hagar
                      3. 4. JACOB AND HIS FAMILY
                        1. Son of Isaac and Rebecca
                          1. Brother is Esau
                          2. Has 12 sons with 4 women
                            1. one of his sons is Judah, which starts the lineage of Jesus Christ
                              1. Jesus Christ= "Lion of Judah"
                              2. favorite was joseph, who he gave a special rainbow coat to
                                1. Joseph's jealous brothers kick him out of the family and fake his death
                                  1. ends up becoming prime minister of egypt
                                2. has a child with his dead son's widow, tamar
                                3. 5. THE EXODUS
                                  1. main character: moses
                                    1. referred to as God as "beautiful does this mean he was handsome?
                                      1. mentors Joshua to take his place
                                        1. gets 10 commandments from God
                                          1. grew up as Egyptian royalty but was actually Israelite
                                          2. frees Israelites of slavery after 430 years
                                            1. God inflicts 10 plagues on Egyptians to make Pharaoh let his people (Israelites) be free
                                              1. Post-slavery, Israelites wander in wilderness for 40 years
                                            2. 7. KINGDOM
                                              1. land divided:
                                                1. Israel
                                                  1. northern kingdom
                                                    1. capital: samaria
                                                      1. first king: Jeraboam
                                                      2. Judah
                                                        1. southern kingdom
                                                          1. capital: jerusalem
                                                            1. first king: rehoboam
                                                        2. 8. EXILE
                                                          1. Assyrians
                                                            1. extremely cruel country
                                                              1. if you don't immediately surrender, they entire the country and maim anyone they see
                                                              2. take over the northern kingdom, Israel
                                                                1. have kids with remaining people, kids called Samaritans
                                                                  1. Jews don't like Samaritans out of racism because they were mixed races and had Assyrian blood
                                                                2. Babylon
                                                                  1. take over southern kingdom, Judah
                                                                    1. instead of wiping you out, they keep you alive but continuosly tax you instead
                                                                    2. after living in exile for 70 years, the jews finally escape
                                                                      1. old testament ends with jews waiting for a new king
                                                                        1. relocate through mediterranean (diaspora)
                                                                      2. 6. JUDGES
                                                                        1. first years of Israel's freedom
                                                                          1. rather than kings, ruled by judges
                                                                            1. judges appointed by God
                                                                              1. had a woman judge: Deborah
                                                                                1. significant because of lack of main women in bible
                                                                                  1. "mother of israel"
                                                                                2. lead by Joshua into Canaan to set up this time period
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