Joe and Sue

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CBL week 6

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Joe and Sue
  1. Oscar
    1. Shoulder stuck during delivery
      1. Cries every time shoulder touched
        1. No AROM right arm
          1. Possible movement in fingers
          2. Further Examination
            1. Little sensory resposne
              1. Positive grasp test
                1. Right arm cooler
                  1. Passive ROM test limited by pain
                    1. Family Situation
                      1. Lara had limp elbow at birth
                        1. Quickly resolved
                        2. Grandparents supportive
                          1. Sue
                            1. After birth pains
                              1. Tramadol and Panadeine
                                1. Concerned about hurting Oscar
                                  1. Episotomy and stitches
                              2. Prefers to turn head to left side
                                1. 4 weeks later
                                  1. Full AROM wrist+finger flexion
                                    1. UL R<L tone
                                      1. R arm decreased MORO
                                        1. Arm Pale
                                          1. R axilla and neck tender
                                            1. Trouble clearing head
                                              1. AROM
                                                1. spontaneous movement in all other limbs
                                                  1. C5, C6 problems
                                                  2. Mild torticollis
                                                    1. Waiter's tip
                                                2. 4.1 Kg
                                                  1. Vertex birth
                                                    1. 9 days after ETA
                                                      1. Used Forceps
                                                        1. Mild bruising on face
                                                          1. Puffy Eyes
                                                            1. Marks on temple
                                                          2. Difficulties breastfeeding
                                                            1. Not sleeping
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